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Even authors can be rockstars.

Launching a book?

So you’ve finally written a book and become an author. This is the dream, right? But what happens if this book you've been so committed to doesn't achieve the results you were hoping for? 

Every musician dreams of playing their songs in front of a sold out crowd, but the reality is that many play to empty bars. In the same way, every author dreams of their book on everybody's nightstand, but many will write a book that no one reads. 


What if there was a way to avoid this disappointment, find the right audience, and become the rockstar you know you are?

That’s why I created the Book Rockstar VIP Session—to help authors like you turn discouragement and defeat into confidence and success through every stage of your book launch. Are you ready for the spotlight?

What is the Book Rockstar VIP Session?

This is a 4-hour session where we dive deep into your book and author brand, so you can walk away with a clear understanding of each step you need to take with your book launch. This is the type of meeting Big-Five publishers have with their authors, and now you can have that same experience, too.


In the four hours we will cover:


  • How to identify and communicate with your ideal readers

  • Strategies for finding and keeping readers with clear messaging around your book

Marketing Plan and Strategy

  • A “road map” plan for the present and future of your book launch

  • Customized tools for a successful book launch based on my team’s years of experience in publishing


  • Detailed step-by-step timeline layout for our marketing strategy based on industry best practices

  • Action items with due dates so you can feel confident every step of the way



  • Personalized strategy and walkthrough for any new-to-you marketing platforms with optional follow-up sessions based on what you need

  • 1:1 training on various advertising platforms so you can move forward with ease


Need more convincing? Here's what others have said about our work:


It has been a delight to work with Aryn and the Van Dyke Marketing Co. team! They were very prompt and efficient in their work, imaginative in their designs, helpful in providing guidance, and open to any suggestions. I had an excellent experience!

Vern Walker


One of the hardest things about working with a marketing agency or freelancer is having to communicate your idea or message and then having them get it right without a million updates. That's why I love working with Aryn: she gets it. She listens up front, she understands what you're trying to achieve, and then she helps you achieve it.

Jeff James


Aryn is a magical book marketer! She immediately put my mind at ease and helped me sort through my thoughts to come up with a helpful and easy-to-follow plan. She also gave me the courage to put myself out there, which allowed me to connect with my audience in a new way. Her support and advice has helped me reimagine what’s possible and has helped me achieve more sales than I could hope for.

Blaire Ward


Aryn is a vital part of our book marketing successes! Our clients are unique to themselves and Aryn puts forth the research needed for each one. We honestly could not do what we do without her!

Danya Clairmont


Aryn was a great partner in the launch of my book, And Then the End Will Come. She was efficient and knowledgeable and a great pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly!

Doug Cobb


I engaged Aryn to help me launch my book, Two Hands: The Gamechanger Guide for Manual Therapists. I felt that her experience and knowledge was vital in helping me navigate this process. Aryn did a deep dive into my book, including who it was for and the benefits for my readers. This process was invaluable in clarifying precisely how and to whom we should market my book.

Wael Mahmoud


How do you know if the Book Rockstar VIP Session is for you? Let's see if any of these statements ring true:

  • You're a first-time author who has no idea where to start with marketing your book

  • You've published with a hybrid publisher who has helped you create the best version of your book, but now you need marketing support

  • You're a hybrid publisher looking to set up external marketing support for your authors

  • You've got a team to support you with the book launch but you need to be guided in the right direction

  • You've recently released your book but didn't implement any marketing strategy at launch

  • You're anxious about publishing your book to an empty audience

Do any of these statements resonate? Good! Let's keep talking. 

Who is this session for?


Why me?

Your book is the culmination of so much time, energy, and love—so why should you trust me to take care of it?

I've been in publishing for seven years and have worked on 100+ book launches, including multiple New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestsellers

I bring the marketing experience of a Big-Five publisher to you, so you can get the same expertise that you would get from a major publishing house.


Plus, I'm passionate about helping authors share their message and impact lives.  

Just like every rockstar wants to play for a crowded room, every author wants readers to buy their book. With the Book Rockstar VIP Session, we give you the tools you need to make that happen.

Our goal is for you to walk away from the day with the clarity you need for your launch. You'll have the roadmap you need to go from...

  • confusion to clarity

  • discouragement to confidence

  • disappointment to success

Are you ready to rock?

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Are you ready to be a rockstar?


You've got questions, I've got answers:

What do I get in this session?

  • You will walk away from this session with all of the materials we'll go over, including:

    • Your custom messaging exercise​

    • Your marketing plan and timeline

    • Your very own launch workbook

    • Keyword and category data customized to your book

    • Social media and email guides

  • You will also leave with clarity and confidence in what lies ahead.

Does the session have to be four hours? Can I split it up?

  • It is highly recommended that the session is done in four consecutive hours. Once we dive into the book and messaging, we'll want to keep the momentum going!


My book is already out. Would this session still work for me?

  • The short answer is yes! We'll just need a bit more information from you about any marketing you've done already.

Do you offer services other than the Book Rockstar VIP Session?

  • Yes! The Van Dyke Marketing Co team has the skill and experience to take on execution of a full marketing plan, but the VIP Session is a prerequisite for any launch management or à la carte work.