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7 Things Every First-time Author Should Know

Becoming a first-time author can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. While there’s not an official rulebook to a successful book release, there are some things to remember when preparing for your launch that can increase your likelihood of success and help you enjoy the process. In this post, I’ll share seven things every first-time author should know so you can rock your book launch.

7 things every first-time author should know

Here’s a list of things every first-time author should know that you can consider when preparing for your book launch:

  1. Start preparing for your book launch early

  2. Set the right expectations

  3. Not everyone will buy your book, and that’s okay!

  4. Identifying your target audience and honing your messaging is crucial

  5. Network with other authors in your genre

  6. Put yourself out there and hustle

  7. It’s a marathon, not a sprint

1. Start preparing for your book launch early

Regardless of when you’re launching your book, there are some steps you can take to increase your chance of it being a success. One strategy I encourage new authors to use as soon as possible is an email list. An email list is a collection of email addresses that you gather from individuals you know or who interact with you online. When someone adds their email address to your mailing list, they permit you to contact them by email‌. Authors can take advantage of this tool by sending marketing materials, like book updates, offers, and event information, to multiple recipients at once. Having this list is extremely helpful, especially if you plan to release other books in the future.

You can also begin building your readership using various social media platforms. For example, you might grow your following on Instagram or TikTok by sharing content that interests your future readers. Many new authors find success from starting a blog and developing a following. Regardless of where you choose to build with your audience, interacting with them consistently and sharing content they care about is crucial.

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2. Set the right expectations

Setting the right expectations for your book launch ensures you don’t lose confidence if your book doesn’t sell as well as you hoped. Over the years, I’ve observed that 1-2% of an author’s audience is likely to pre-order the book. Another 5-10% of the audience is likely to order the book within the first month it’s on sale. So what about the other 90+% of your following?